17 Oct, 2019
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Saharawi Slideshow


A young refugee girl fetches water for her family


Fourth-grade students in a school in the Smara camp


Volunteers from a local youth organization rebuild houses after a spring thunderstorm

Hundreds of foreigners gather in front of the Moroccan military wall as part of an annual protest


Two refugee brothers for an independent Western Sahara



Polisario's fighters in the 1970's


A refugee family relaxes in their house in the Smara camp

Saharawi preschoolers in the February 27th camp


Sunset over the SADR Ministry of Information


Saharawi farmer outside of Dakhla camp

Refugees calling for Western Saharan independence

Smara camp from a hillside

A refugee proudly displays his SADR flag

February 27th camp in May

Central market in the Smara camp at noon

A Saharawi journalist votes